LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ja Morant, Thon Maker, Jonathan Isaac, Aleksej Pokusevski, and Robert Covington are part of the NBA 2K21 Fan Favorites collection.

NBA 2K21 has many item collections. These sets are put together following certain themes and NBA events. NBA 2K21 Fan Favorites is one of the special collections as it’s designed based on the players’ preferences. These are the athletes that are some of the most popular NBA players. NBA 2K21 MyTeam Fan Favorites is a premium set of cards obtainable from packs.

Who Are The NBA 2K21 Fan Favorites Players

The collection has four 99 OVR items. LeBron James is represented by a card that has 89 outside scoring, 95 inside scoring, 95 defending, 97 athleticism, 93 playmaking, and 87 rebounding. Anthony Davis has 92 outside scoring, 95 inside scoring, 96 defending, 96 athleticism, 83 playmaking, and 97 rebounding. Ja Morant is another Fan Favorites item with 99 OVR. His attributes are 91 outside scoring, 92 inside scoring, 91 defending, 96 athleticism, 96 playmaking, and 81 rebounding. Thon Maker from the Milwaukee Bucks has 90 outside scoring, 91 inside scoring, 82 defending, 92 athleticism, 90 playmaking, and 94 rebounding. Jonathan Isaac is one of the two Fan Favorites items that have 98 OVR. The stats are 88 outside scoring, 86 inside scoring, 87 defending, 88 athleticism, 65 playmaking, and 84 rebounding. R.J. Barrett adds a card with 89 outside scoring, 89 inside scoring, 87 defending, 94 athleticism, 79 playmaking, and 69 rebounding. Robert Covington has 96 OVR with 87 outside scoring, 80 insides scoring, 91 defending, 91 athleticism, 79 playmaking, and 75 rebounding. The other 96 OVR card, Aleksej Pokusevski, has 86 outside scoring, 88 inside scoring, 81 defending, 90 athleticism, 79 playmaking, and 85 rebounding. Mohamed Bamba has 85 outside scoring, 86 inside scoring, 86 defending, 87 athleticism, 62 playmaking, and 95 rebounding. His OVR is 94. Luguentz Dort has the same OVR with 89 outside scoring, 77 inside scoring, 89 defending, 94 athleticism, 67 playmaking, and 59 rebounding. Kostas Antetokounmpo comes with 83 outside scoring, 70 inside scoring, 85 defending, 86 athleticism, 65 playmaking, and 90 rebounding. Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s attributes are 80 outside scoring, 82 inside scoring, 83 defending, 95 athleticism, 68 playmaking, and 75 rebounding. These last two items both have 91 OVR. Are you enjoying the new MyTeam season? Full Throttle lasts only for four weeks but it comes packed with many activities and rewards.

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