A process is nothing without strict management of trading accounts. We are talking about risk management, money management, and so on. A strategy must necessarily include these elements. This is really the most important point. The method must determine when to enter or exit a position, what volume should be placed in these trades and where to place the stop-loss. In this case this is the only durable way that will have a viable performance over time. Knowing the risks, knowing how to manage the exposure and the correlations of your portfolio are among the main success factors of a winning method in the long run. Without this, even the best technique of all time will not serve strictly for nothing. For the https://coin-dreams.com/ review this is important.

Learn how to adapt

As mentioned above, market conditions, as well as volatility or volumes traded, may change over time, even if it is in a well-targeted market. That is why a strategy that works constantly is almost impossible to find. Ideally, this would be an adaptive method or process that takes into account all factors of the market. This can quickly become complex and concretely unrealizable. On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent the establishment of a technique, thus allowing the possibility of modifying the parameters according to the state of the market. This would be a less sophisticated process, but would absorb the changes of the market in a sustainable way.


Once these principles are taken into account, you greatly increase the chances that the strategy will become more efficient and sustainable. However, one should keep in mind that the quest for a miracle solution can sometimes be very long.  The advantages of crypto (flexibility, simplicity, easier access especially in terms of the amounts involved) become a suitable instrument for individual investors. cryptos also offer a much wider range of underlying assets. Futures contracts, on the other hand, are especially interesting for institutional investors, who deal with large amounts, thanks to the cost of financing the long positions in the index that is slightly smaller than for the crypto, and the gain on the short positions that in yes it’s a little bigger. These advantages are partially offset by the existence of transaction costs of futures contracts on the indices, whereas they do not exist in the crypto and indices. \